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Author Topic: Sheet Metal Products Manufacturing-Stamping.  (Read 4514 times)
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« on: May 07, 2008, 05:32:20 PM »

The term "stamping" in connection with sheet metal works is ambiguous at best. The California Workers Compensation Manual contains the following guideline:

Sheet Metal Products Manufacturing

"As used in the footnote to the phraseology of Classification 3066(1), "Sheet Metal Products Mfg. - N.O.C.," the term metal stamping shall be defined as the operation of power-driven presses or brakes and foot- or hand-power presses or brakes used for cold blanking, forming, trimming, drawing, punching or assembling metal where the operator must place each piece under the die or point of operation at each complete stroke of the press or brake.

Operations performed on power presses that may be interchangeably hand fed or automatically fed shall be considered as metal stamping. Metal stamping shall not include (1) rotary punches, whether computer or manually controlled, which require only the loading and unloading of the work piece by the operator and does not require the operator to place or reposition the work piece after each stroke, or (2) hydraulic presses or brakes where the ram travel will automatically stop upon release of the activating mechanism.

Please note that one of the definitions of stamping includes the "forming" of metal.  This operation is not the usual stamping where a loud noise may be heard every time a metal part is punched.

"Forming" of sheet metal may be conducted by machines including: hydraulic presses and brakes, mechanical brakes, foot and hand powered brakes and punches, CNC punches, V-brakes, etc.   

If you are able to do so. the best method to calculate "Stamping Payroll" is to percentage the payroll of the shop workers. Of course, if employees only work part time on certain machines, this may be difficult to do.

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embossing, drawing, and flanging
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« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2010, 10:16:26 AM »

"Forming" of sheet metal may be conducted by machines including: hydraulic presses and brakes, mechanical brakes, foot and hand powered brakes and punches, CNC punches, V-brakes, etc.   

Just for clarification, although this is "forming", it would not be considered stamping when conducted using CNC machines or pneumatic or hydraulic presses or brakes.  Forming is considered stamping only when conducted using electrically-powered or hand/foot-powered presses or brakes.

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Sheet Metal Stamping 101
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